Top Clients Reviews

Really pleased with the quality of the cork rackets & loving my Padel bag! Home brownie points getting personalised rackets for the whole family. Thank you Cork Padel U.K..

John Terry

I love my hand crafted custom Padel racket! So cool it says Scherzy on the top & is an eco-friendly totally sustainable material. Excited to werk on my game!.

Nicole Scherzinger

If Max says they are the best  all round Padel racquet on Earth, then they must be the best! All I know is my Pro II feels amazing to play with, power & control, a perfect balance..

Thom Evans

Absolutely loving my personalised cork Padel racquet. Already feeling much more of a consistent contact with the ball. Max, thank you mate..

Stephen Miron

I demanded the best boots when I played Rugby & now I demand the best Padel racquet! I’ve tried other brands, all originally from China, too many dead spots & vibrations! Cork Padel racquets improve my performance & reduce the stress on my elbow & shoulder! Simply the best!.

Max Evans

Cork Padel racquets are a game changer. Started playing Padel with a variety of racquet brands but decided to take it a little more seriously and there is a notable step up in quality with Cork Padel racquets. The attention to detail is well worth the investment… as long as you like winning of course!.

Ed Katzler

Absolutely loving my new Cork Padel racquet! I definitely feel like I have more control and more power in my game - win win.

Fi Katzler

I fell in love with the Sport, but what got my attention first was how beautiful & sexy these racquets looked! Surprisingly they were made in my country Portugal out of this sustainable cork material. It must be destiny..

Débora Casimiro
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