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About us / who we are

More than producing rackets, we create high performance products that will change your game!

Our padel rackets are unique and exclusive!

  • 01. At CORK PADEL, no two rackets are the same. Each one is made by hand and treated with extreme dedication, combining artisanal quality with technical precision that makes a huge difference in the court.
  • 02. Exclusive anti-vibration technology thanks to the intelligent distribution of all components, these rackets are made with premium ultra-durable materials and patented with an exclusive anti-vibration technology, that allows you to control the game like never before.


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How it all began...

  • Nicolau Silva, creator of Cork Padel, started out by being interested in the restoration of padel rackets. Later, he decides to create a unique racket, a project that he has been developing for the past 10 years.
  • Pedro Plantier, a founding member of the Portuguese padel federation and the first national champion of the sport, also joined the brand and together they walked towards its success.
  • Today, Cork Padel is known for its unique design and singular texture, but above all for the quality and strength of the products used in its manufacture. Our many Portuguese and international fans can confirm this!
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